Coversations ed. by Rémi Coignet

Coversations 2
ed. by Rémi Coignet

224 pages
Aman Iman Publishing, 2016


Publisher's Description: 

Since 2008, Rémi Coignet has pursued engagements with those artists that inspire him, and for whom the photobook is an essential form in their work. In this book, a selection of more than 20 photographers, publishers and curators reread their respective work, and reveal their intentions in the process. It is Coignet’s hope that from these interviews a geography of contemporary photography will emerge. A set of nearly twenty new talks with major players in contemporary photography: Erik Kessels, Gerhard Steidl, Martin Parr, Stéphanie Solinas, Joan Fontcuberta, Patrick Feigenbaum, Alec Soth, Joan Fontcuberta, Christian Patterson, Mariken Wessels, and many more.


Conversations 2 ed. by Rémi Coignet
Aman Iman Publishing